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The experts at Mayo Garden Center are dedicated to helping you make your lawn & garden beautiful during every season. We have all the items you will need, from seed to feed and rakes to stakes! We stock live plants and trees for your yard as well as the seasonal plants for your garden. We have many landscaping and decorative yard items to choose from.

And, remember the advice is free!!

Spring is here!!!

*It is time to start planning your garden! We have all the amendments you might need to fortify your soil for your gardens. Now is also the time to give a boost for your summer blooming shrubs and trees. We have a delicious variety of early season vegetables ready to plant and seeds galore. Whether you’re looking to beautify with flowers or feed the family, we have what you need!

Spring seems to be arriving early this year, so it’s time to apply crabgrass preventer. Pre-emergent can be applied now and you can seed in the next 6 weeks. Early weeds that have already decided to grow need to be kept mowed so they don’t seed. If you see flowers, there will be seed dropped. Cool season herbicide, Weed Free Zone, can be applied now to stop those pesky weeds from dropping anymore seed. We have an excellent selection of fertilizers from lawn starter to slow release organics. Please come see us for help selecting the best grass seed for your lawn. We will figure it out with you. Grass overseeding in full sun is applied at a rate of 8-10 lbs per thousand square feet. Depending on the sun conditions we will get you the right amount of seed for your project.

Summer blooming shrubs should be pruned for shape after they have finished blooming. Remove any dead or diseased branches.








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